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Thorens in Switzerland: Sainte-Croix, nestled in the Jura hills near the French border, is where all Thorens turntables were manufactured up to the mid-1960s. After that, the production was moved to the place that many vinyl-loving audiophiles think of when contemplating this most-reputable brand: the factory in Lahr. Located at the foot of the Black Forest, this company, founded in 1883, was able to add another 30 years to its rich history with the move.

Thorens built its global reputation for hi-fi stereo turntables in the decade between 1957 and 1967. Ahead of their time in sound and technology, the Swiss-made, still highly sought-after models achieved cult status. This is especially true of the Thorens TD124, a machine that was created with the same care and precision that makes a Swiss watch what it is. The TD124 was a status symbol for the affluent perfectionist for whom no other turntable would do.

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