Feedback from readers and the press

The second English edition of SWISS PRECISION has been a topic of conversation in the Anglo-Saxon countries. The book has been reviewed by the international press – by magazines such as Stereophile in the USA, Hi-Fi World in the UK and Stereo Sound in Japan. It is the subject of discussion in relevant Internet forums such as The Analogue Department, Audiogon, Vinyl Engine and Lenco Heaven. The Dutchman Rudolf Bruil included the book in his Thorens TD124 page – the most comprehensive source of information on the net.

Copies of SWISS PRECISION went to enthusiasts even in such remote corners of the earth as Alaska, Tasmania and Guam. Without the “World Wide Web” the distribution of this book – as well as the research – would not have been possible.

Readers reviews

“This is the type of book I can get lost in for hours! Well worth the wait, I am so excited about reading the English edition. I just like things that are very well made and that is definitely all the stuff in your book. No doubt, this is a superb piece of work and it is a testament to your years of loving hi-fi and Thorens. I visit my friend regularly, he lives about 40 miles from me. I will look forward to bringing him a copy of your book. Dedication is the word.“

C. B., Bangor, North Ireland

“It was a great pleasure for me to read this fantastic book about the Thorens TD124 and the whole West European scene of the golden years of hi-fi. Everyone interested in hi-fi history should buy this magnificent book! The book takes you on a voyage through time, to a period that hi-fi products were engineered for performance and durability, instead of lowest production cost and low life cycles. I cannot say how much I enjoyed all these fine pictures and brochures of the golden age. The book is worth every euro, it is of a truly unique quality, a must-have.“

F. S., Ostend, Belgium

“I have been reading the English version of SWISS PRECISION of and on since I received the book, and I must say that it is very well done and in my opinion, a reference for any serious Thorens collector or hobbyist. Reading your book inspires people to want to collect Thorens product and restore it faithfully as close as is possible to the original. The history and photographs are just superb. Additionally, the history regarding the Ortofon and SME tone arms is the information that I was most hoping to find in order to be able to shop for the correct version.”

V. B., Lawton, Michigan, USA

“I do not mind having a second copy of this book, it’s fantastic. The research you did shows that this is a work of passion. The maintenance section is really helpful as I am about to start my own refurbishing project.“

J. K., Brossard, Quebec, Canada

“The book is just a pleasure to hold and read. Every page is interesting, the paper stock is the best I have ever seen, there is not a single photo that does not belong, and the inclusion of the ‘competitors models’ helps to define the history of not only the TD124 but the entire period. I think what you have created is not only a book that is a chronicle of turntable history but is a look into some of the 20th century’s best examples of business models. This book would make a great academic reference.”

S. P., Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

“Thank you very much for the signing. It truly is a wonderful thing, a superbly produced reference not only for the TD124 but its full historical context – just skimming quickly through I’m amazed how much material, knowledge and insight this book contains. I’m looking forward to really studying it over the next weeks and months whilst I restore my TD124/II as far as I am able.”

T. L., Rochdale, Lancashire, United Kingdom

“I have been enjoying your book immensely! Every night I wait with anticipation to see what awaits me on the next page. Very descriptive and covers all of the interesting ‘extras’ that keeps one’s attention. Wonderfully condensed to cover such an arduous amount of information. This book is a Hi-Fi lover’s masterpiece of the highest standard! Thank you for the wonderful read and my now favorite book.”

K. S., Tustin, California, USA

“The book is a gift to me from my parents for my 54th birthday. My dad purchased a TD124 MKII in the late 60s for around $100 he thinks. I grew up with this turntable and now fortunately it is mine. I am only on page 9 but already know that this book will be a treasure for me for the rest of my life. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your hard work and research and what appears to be all of the amazing documentation and photographs of this amazing turntable. The only thing I regret is not asking you to sign my copy with your autograph.”

M. R., Poulsbo, Washington, USA

“Got the book yesterday and it’s fantastic. Thank you so much for writing and creating such a great work. Looking forward to finishing it and starting it again!”

G. P., Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

“I want to tell you how much I enjoy SWISS PRECISION and to thank you for dedicating it and signing it to me. It’s a wonderful book and I will proudly display it in my library. I also want to let you know that I posted on the Thorens TD124 Friends Facebook group my new acquisition, and there was quite a bit of interest! I hope it leads to some more sales for you.”

C. S., Sarasota, Florida, USA

Beautiful: the Thorens TD124/II fitted with an Ortofon RMG212 tone arm and an ST104 plinth in graduated grey tones

Reviews from the trade press

“The whole book is well researched and offers an excellent mix of historical fact intermixed with recollections of former Thorens employees, from assembly workers right up to Robert Thorens, head engineer of the factory for many years. In addition, a healthy dose of input from enthusiasts and repairers the world over makes for an intimate study of the TD124 that approaches it from every possible angle. The result is a comprehensive study of one of the world’s most famous turntable motor units that is an absolute must for every fan of the marque.“

Adam Smith, Hi-Fi World (U.K.), issue 4/2008


“Bung gets straight to the heart of the matter, limiting pre-history to three or four pages. What follows is a mouth-watering mix of chapters detailing the chronological saga, augmented by profiles of hard-core TD124 owners, wonderful reprints of old literature, detail shots of the innards, amazing historical photos, information on maintaining and tweaking 124s, and much more.“

Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News (U.K.), issue 3/2006


“For the second edition of SWISS PRECISION, Bung has also expanded his scope to include chapters on the many TD124s contemporary products: tone arms from EMT, SME, Fairchild and Ortofon, and competing turntables from Lenco, Delphon, Rek-O-Kut, EMT, Elac, Connoisseur, and, of course, Garrard. Each marque gets a thoughtful, fair appraisal, and while the Thorens TD124 has pride of place in Bung’s esteem, the strengths of its competitors are described with genuine admiration, just as the Thorens’ shortcomings are brought to light. I can’t help imaging that, like the Thorens TD124 itself, the book will cast a long shadow for years to come. Strongly recommended to all English-speaking lovers of LPs, regardless of which turntable they spin them on.“

Art Dudley, Stereophile (USA), issue 4/2008

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“In the field of classic idler drive turntables, there is simply nothing which compares with the depth and quality of this book. If you want a recent book on the classic idler drive turntables of the late 50s and 60s, this is it! Apart from the value of the content, it is beautifully produced and sure to become a collector’s item.“

David Holgate, TNT Audio, May 2008

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Reviews of the new third edition

Contributor Greg Voth writes in the audiophile US online magazine Stereo Times about the third German edition in two volumes with slipcase:

“The new edition of Bung’s two-book 2018 set, with our without its former (translated) second edition from 2008, will be of interest to any Thorens lover and an absolute must have for any TD 124 enthusiast. Bung is an engaging writer who has worked hard to ever-expand his editions, with his newly-revised two-volume in slipcase German third edition set including 60% graphic content of interest to any hi-fi enthusiast. Much of this content – advertising, photos, graphics and illustrations – are presented in English and beautifully reproduced. Flip front to back, back to front, it matters not (it’s in German, after all) – you’ll love it!

‘SWISS PRECISION – The Story of the Thorens TD 124 and Other Classic Turntables’ is a must have for idler and early hi-fi fans, and it’s a keeper even if you don’t speak German, with enough pictures to satiate the most ardent non-reading audiophile. The sheer multitude gloriously reproduced product photos, hi-fi ads, diagrams and graphics of the day in these volumes are well worth addition to your library of classic components.”


Mark Wheeler, contributor to TNT-Audio – online HiFi review, calls the third German edition “more than a labor of love – an obsession”. In his opinion SCHWEIZER PRÄZISION is “an audiophile book worthy of a bibliophile aesthete”.

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Dutchman Rudolf Bruil recommends the third German edition of SWISS PRECISION on his well-known Thorens TD124 website:

Review by German magazine STEREO

“Nowadays, there is quite a lot of literature on hi-fi classics available. However, what Joachim Bung presents here as the third, greatly expanded and updated edition of SWISS PRECISION exceeds all expectations. He has prepared the history around the TD 124 in an extremely meticulous manner with almost obsessive attention to detail. He interviewed the remaining witnesses to this chapter of industrial history and explains the topic in a technical as well as cultural and economic context, including competitors such as Dual, Lenco, PE or Garrard, and presents collectors and service points along with important addresses.

The work is of the greatest interest both as a book for reading and as an anthology, and is immensely instructive, fascinating and exciting for the Thorens fan. There is no one – including us – who after a more than superficial immersion in the lush five-kilogram heavy book project that is delivered in two volumes, wouldn’t be interested in a classic Thorens TD124. Nevertheless, this masterpiece, to which our publishing house with our extensive archives could even make a small contribution, appeals to an audience far beyond the Thorens fan community. A huge and honest recommendation! SWISS PRECISION is only available directly from the author and it costs around 200 Euros.”

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