Fully restored Thorens TD 124’S

Riverside Audio in Switzerland is specialized in TD 124’s and related models like TD121, TD134, TD135, TD184, TD224. Apart from professional restorations, revisions and repairs, the company in Esslingen near Zurich offers spare parts for various Thorens TD models. Riverside stocks NOS spare parts, as well as reproduced new parts, and ships worldwide.

Most of all, Riverside constantly offers a selection of already completely restored turntables, with emphasis on TD 124’s – all plug & play and reasonably priced.

Currently available Thorens TD124

1. Completely restored Thorens TD 124 MkI, S/N 40890, with SME 3009 S2 improved tone arm and brand new Ortofon 2M bronze cartridge

Restored in French Oak: This Thorens TD124 from late 1963 is “plug & play” and ready for immediate enjoyment

Fantastic overall condition: The deck spent its entire life sitting well protected in a side-board. That explains the fantastic overall condition. Still shiny chassis paint with minimal signs of use and a near mint condition SME tone arm. The first (and single) owner took very good care of his TD124 – and it shows.

2. Sought-after early production TD 124 MkI from 1958, S/N 4078

This TD124 went through a complete technical and optical restoration. The chassis paint has been carefully polished and shows still beautiful gloss

Very early serial number 4078: This TD124 was manufactured in the second year of production and found its home in Switzerland. Most of these early decks were sold in the United States

Legendary SME 3009 SII “split-weight” tone arm . This very early series II arm with non-movable rear part of the counterweight was only produced in 1962/63 

3. Very unique TD124 Mk. I Black, S/N 16511

Inspired by the special “wrinkle finish” coatings of amplifiers, measuring instruments and many other devices from the 1960’s, Riverside decided to paint this candidate also in this very unique color. This TD124 is an absolute eye-catcher!

This beautiful TD124 is technically and optically in near mint condition 

The turntable is not only complete and ready to play, it has been even improved with upgrades from Swissonor like non-magnetic main platter and Swissonor main bearing upgrade kit. It comes with a fully rebuild classic SME 3009 SII tone arm and perfectly matching, brand new Ortofon SPU Classic cartridge.

4. Completely restored TD 124 Mk.I, S/N 49985

New chassis paint, technically and optically in near mint condition

5. Completely restored TD 124 Mk.II., S/N 71973

The turntable has not been repainted, the original paint is pristine and shines just as it did when the turntable left the factory in St. Croix back in the 1960’s

Meticulous revisions

Each of the offered TD 124 turntables went through a very elaborate and meticulous complete revision. “Riverside Audio restored” means not “a drop of oil here and there and installing some pretty looking shiny parts”. It rather means that each table for a full-restoration undergoes extensive and elaborate processes, done by skilled people who know Thorens. Each restoration is also followed by measurements and a long trial period under normal listening conditions.

Each full restoration starts with disassembling the complete motor unit down to the bare chassis
Completely disassembled motor right before assembling again
Riverside owner Sascha Zeier in his workshop

For more detailed information and prices look at Riverside’s website: