Vintage Thorens – pure music!

Carefully restored Thorens TD124 with SME 3009/II tonearm and new Riverside plinth

Riverside Audio in Esslingen near Zurich is specialised in TD 124’s and related models like TD121, TD125, TD134, TD135, TD184, TD224.

Apart from professional restorations, revisions or repairs of vintage Thorens TD’s, Riverside also offers a selection of spare parts for various Thorens TD models. Riverside stocks NOS spare parts, as well as reproduced new parts, and ships worldwide.

Most of all, Riverside offers a selection of already completely restored turntables, with emphasis on TD 124’s, all reasonably priced.

Each of the offered TD124 turntables went through a very elaborate and meticulous revision, including complete dismanteling and rebuilding of the motor

Are you looking only for a TD124 motor unit, without tonearm or without console etc. or you have a very precise idea of what your TD should look like? Riverside has a large stock on TD124’s and can build exactly what you’re looking for.

Sascha Zeier – one of the TD124 experts in Switzerland

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