Fully restored Thorens TD 124’S

Riverside Audio in Switzerland is specialized in TD 124’s and related models like TD121, TD134, TD135, TD184, TD224. Apart from professional restorations, revisions and repairs, the company in Esslingen near Zurich offers spare parts for various Thorens TD models. Riverside stocks NOS spare parts, as well as reproduced new parts, and ships worldwide.

Most of all, Riverside constantly offers a selection of already completely restored turntables, with emphasis on TD 124’s – all plug & play and reasonably priced. The turntables below are for sale.

Thorens TD 124 Mark I, S/N 10285

Legendary first series TD 124 Mark I from 1959 in amazing condition
The deck comes with a fully restored Ortofon RS-212 tone arm and matching Ortofon SL-15 MC cartridge
Early serial number – TD 124’s with serial numbers under 20,000 are the most desirable decks. However, more difficult to restore than later models – should only be done by a professional who knows his work …
Matching Ortofon SL-15 electro-dynamic cartridge – needs a step-up tranformer
New semi gloss black console with the beautiful ORTOFON badge in golden die-cast metal
Quality from Denmark … tone arm has the extra weight for use with 30 gram Ortofon SPUs
Copies of TD 124 and ORTOFON instruction manuals

This particular turntable went through a complete technical and optical restoration. The original chassis paint is in exeptional condition. Very detailed restoration with many new parts. Ready to use, plug & play!

Thorens TD 124 Mk. II, S/N 72821

Completely restored TD 124 Mk. II motor unit in outstanding condition
Serial number 72821, built in late 1966 or early 1967
Cast iron flywheel – sonically much better than the zinc platter CB 788, common on TD 124s from U.K.
This Mark II version has the PAPST motor – a replacement since 1977 when the stock of original E 50 motors was used up

Very detailed restauration with many new parts!

Thorens TD 124 Mk. II, S/N 83552

Completely restored Thorens TD 124 Mark II with Ortofon tone arm and cartridge – ready to use
New console in silk gloss black finish with THORENS badge (removable)
Brand new ORTOFON TA-210 twelve inch tone arm and ORTOFON MC-3 turbo high output MC cartridge
A late Thorens TD 124/II – made in early summer 1967 when the factory in Sainte-Croix was officially already closed since one year

This particular turntable went through a complete technical and optical restoration. Beautiful and shiny original paint. This Thorens is fully complete and ready to use!

Meticulous revisions

Each of the offered TD 124 turntables went through a very elaborate and meticulous complete revision. “Riverside Audio restored” means not “a drop of oil here and there and installing some pretty looking shiny parts”. It rather means that each table for a full-restoration undergoes extensive and elaborate processes, done by skilled people who know Thorens. Each restoration is also followed by measurements and a long trial period under normal listening conditions.

Each full restoration starts with disassembling the complete motor unit down to the bare chassis
Completely disassembled motor right before assembling again
Riverside owner Sascha Zeier in his workshop

For more detailed information look at Riverside’s website: